Located in the EIN BOKEK area of the Dead Sea, located by the majority of hotels in the Dead Sea area, you can find three shopping centers. All are small, but our favorite is the Petra shopping center.Why? Because it has 2 major franchises there! A McDonalds ( lowest on the earth of course, and a branch of the coffee shop AROMA - Israel's STARBUCKS so to speak. Aroma's branches all over Israel sell excellent sandwiches, salads, pastries and of course coffees!

The Aroma Coffee Shop - Dead Sea

The Aroma Coffee Shop- Dead Sea


The PETRA center also has a small supermarket, several gift and clothing stores, as well as a variety of cosmetic stores.

The two other centers have similar stores, mini-markets and also some restaurants. The 3 centers are within 5 minutes walking distance of each other, and are close to most of the hotels.

Beware that parking now costs money at these centers - a total disgrace!

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