The Dead Sea

Day Trips


Why not take a day trip to the Holy City of Jerusalem?

Less than an hour's drive from The Northern tip of The Dead Sea lies Jerusalem. From the hotel area, it is around a 90 minute drive up to the capital. Bus 444 runs the route. From the Northern tip of the Dead Sea, it's actually only one hour, so definitely worth the journey!

Two hours South of The Dead Sea lies the Red Sea Port of Eilat, which has all  the amenities of a modern resort  INCLUDING luxury hotels, fine restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, and an international airport.

Eilat is too far for a day trip, and there's not really too much there to justify the effort involved. 

Alternatively, you can turn North, and drive up The Jordan Valley to the City of Tiberias on the shores of The Sea Of Galilee. Today Tiberias  is famous for its hot springs and health resorts.

If you are around at the beginning of January, you can run in the Tiberias marathon! Good Luck!

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