The Dead Sea

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Masada Fortress

Ein Gedi Waterfall

One of Israel's top tourist attractions is the mountaintop fortress of Masada. established by King Herod as his winter palace in 35 BC.Masada was heroically defended by a small group of Jews who eventually chose to commit mass suicide rather than surrender to The Roman army. One wonders whether such an act today would be labeled as heroism or as an act of madness carried out by a fanatic cult. 

A short distance from the hotels on The Dead Sea, you can visit "Flour Cave", a 30 meter underground passage created by water erosion of the soft limestone located West of Mount Sodom. 

Ein Gedi Nature Trails- highly recommended

There are many trails in The Dead Sea area, yet most people choose the Nahal David trail as it is the easiest. It begins by the Dead Sea, and moves into the mountains, winding up into the hills passing several beautiful water falls and pools. The trail is suitable for people of all ages.Swimming is permitted in all these pools and it is recommended to wear Crocks or sandals. The scenery is breathtaking. The Nahal Arugot trail is for the fitter tourists, and some trails can take up to 6 hours. Take plenty of water, and always wear a hat. 

A fascinating archeological find was discovered in The Caves Of Qumran in 1947. A Bedouin shepherd stumbled upon what turned out to be the oldest biblical documents ever found. - The Dead Sea Scrolls .The scrolls, initially discovered in clay jars can now be found at The Israel Museum in Jerusalem. 
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