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Float your troubles away at The Dead Sea

Welcome to one of the most unique places on earth. At 400 meters below sea level, surrounded by the Mountains of Moab to the East, and the Judean Mountains to the West, one experiences tranquility, health, and a peace of mind not found in other places on earth.

It's time to put your feet up and relax!

Where are the Dead Sea hotels ? One does not need directions to the hotels on the Dead Sea. From Jerusalem, you need to head out from the Northern exit of the city, by the French Hill neighborhood, and follow the signs for Maale Adumim. From there, sign posts will lead you through to dessert, and 400 meters lower and 25 minutes later, you will hit the Northern part of the Dead Sea. As you hit the sea, you can only turn right, with the gas station on your right. From here, go straight! After passing a few public beaches on your left ( Biankini for example ) , you will hit Ein Gedi 35 minutes later, with its kibbutz hotel, nature reserve and sea front beach and restaurant. Keep going straight for another 15-20 minutes , pass Massada, and eventually you will see hotels ( David Citadel is the first ) pop up on the horizon. The first group of Dead sea hotels ( 90% of the total ) is located to your left in the area of "Ein Bokek". Here you find restaurants and two shopping centers. Some hotels ( Tsell Harim, Lot, Crowne Plaza for example sit on the sea , whilst others ( Gardens, Royale, Prima for example ) sit on the other side of the road. Five minutes beyond Ein Boqeq, and past the Moriah Plaza ( ex Sheraton ) , one hits the Golden Tulip Club ( ex Nirvana) on the beach ) and the Leonardo Privelege ( ex Moriah Classic, ex Novotel ) higher up on the opposite hill. This marks the end of the hotels area.


The Dead Sea ( Yum Ha Melach in Hebrew ) is 75km long, ranges from six to 16 km wide and has no outlet. The high salt content makes any plant and animal life impossible. The high concentration of salt is not a reulst of it being below sea level, but rather is caused by the high evaporation rate, which has, over the years, led to the build up of salts.

A trip to the Dead Sea is a spiritual experience that rejuvenates both your spirit and mind!

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A little more information about hotels on the Dead Sea

90% of the hotels are located at Ein Boqeq. No hotels are located at the Northern tip of the Dead Sea as you drive down from Jerusalem. There are a few beaches ( Biankini for example ) as you turn right after reaching the Dead Sea from Jerusalem, but they are not particularly nice, and I wouldn't call them beaches exactly. There are a few kibbutz guesthouses on the way to the Dead Sea hotels, such as Kalia and Ein Gedi ( which is particularly popular because of the excellent nature reserve located there). However, the majority of the major hotels begin only at Ein Boqeq, starting with the Meridien hotel, which is the first hotel on the right. Only the hotels on the left hand side of the road ( such as Tsell Harim and Crowne Plaza ) have adjoining beaches on the Dead Sea. Isrotel is the last hotel in Ein Boqeq. Further along the road about 40 minutes walk from Ein Boqeq, are additional hotels such as the all inclusive Golden Tulip Club and Moriah Classic. The Dead Sea stores are located only at Ein Boqeq.

Whilst a day trip to Jerusalem is an easy option, one can also spend a night at one of many Jerusalem hotels, and return to the Dead Sea the following day.

TIP - Beware of new parking meters in the entire Dead Sea hotel strip!

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